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Embark on an enchanting journey to discover all of your emotions with Pixar characters. Explore inspiring and educational designs, and use your creativity to dive into the most exciting adventure of all: unraveling your inner world.


Free ALL your moods with editable templates inspired by Inside Out 2

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Embody what bubbles up with characters from Inside Out 2

Catch feels for your emotions with Disney and Pixar characters

Growing up comes with a lot of uncertainty. But whatever we make familiar, doesn’t seem to be that scary anymore. So, get acquainted with what stands behind some of the characters and what they represent.

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Eternally optimistic and happy. Cheery, lighthearted and bubbling with bright ideas. She’s always ready to tackle the stresses of teenage life.

This emotion works best when shared! So, explore it during social events wearing the name tag with Joy character or let it out through what-am-I-feeling emotions worksheet.

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A bundle of nervous, frazzled energy. She thinks ten steps ahead and isn’t shy about sharing worst-case scenarios.

A great trick to balance this emotion out is to show some appreciation, for example by sending a thank-you card or certificate of appreciation to a friend.

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He’d prefer if you did not notice him. A burly, shy guy, blushing, clumsy, and taking up more space than he would like.

We encourage everyone, kids and adults, to be brave and use this get-better card or that birthday invite to celebrate people and precious moments, even when they will turn out to be different from what we expected!

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She couldn’t care less. Sulking, lethargic, and serving the most indifferent eye-roll. Here to add a perfect amount of teenage apathy.

One way to work with this emotion could be to spark motivation by creating a fixed lesson plan and setting some meaningful goals. Another is to play with the wheel of emotions and write everything one feels down.